Hi Hello!

I guess this is a ‘Hello’ or maybe a ‘Welcome To My Blog xoxo’ post, but everyone has to make one of these right? I can’t just dive right in without some form of an introduction.

I’ve recently gone and got myself an actual English Literature degree(!) and I’m currently tumbling through my early twenties trying to figure out adult life and hastily trying to form a career I’ve been dreaming about since I’ve been a kid. The dream? Working in the magazine industry and being a writer/journalist. Who knows? I might get there one day.

This website/blog is a place to showcase my published portfolio in a neat webpage which can be found here. But more importantly, it is a place to get my writing out there into the world again and to have fun. I blogged when I was younger, but like everything else pre-2012, I’m wholly embarrassed of it and it will never see the light of the web. I’m taking this as an opportunity to keep writing, develop my writer’s voice and to not fret over specific types of content.

Those who know me will hopefully find the site readable and fun to click on, and for those of you who have no clue who I am, you can read my industry-standard third person bio right here. With any luck, the more content I post, the more you’ll get to know me and ultimately give you, the reader, an interesting post.

Here’s what to expect from the blog:
– Music ramblings, weekly features, reviews and playlisting
– Fashion/Beauty reviews, because why not?
– Book and film reviews
– Opinion pieces
– Recipes/Food/Restaurant experiences and reviews (maybe…)
– Listicles
– Every day goings-on with me, myself and I

Basically, ‘Ciara Writes’ is a mish-mash of everything really, but will be separated by tags and categories. I’m hoping to have fun as well as keep my words reaching out to all of you wonderful people.

I’ll post on my social media feeds when new posts are up AND you can even follow my blog via email if you are so inclined. The internet eh? What a time to be alive.

Have a gr9 week.



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