‘Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb’ Easter Lush Review #2

My second purchase of my Easter Lush splurge was the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb. Packed with candy fragrances and saccharine shades, I was super excited about this one.
IMG_9940As part of their Easter range, this particular bath bomb is only available during the chocolatey season. But on the bright side, it smells exactly like Snow Fairy -a shower cream only available at Christmas – so at least we don’t have to wait that long for the gorgeous candy floss hit.
Once dropped in the water the bomb fizzes and cracks away quite quickly. The bath swiftly turns a brilliant shade of pink – almost like a highlighter pen used in schools. It doesn’t do anything that spectacular like other Lush products such as Intergalactic or The Experimenter bath bombs, but it’s pretty in pink nonetheless. As well as that indulgent sweet smell, my skin felt soft and smooth afterwards and my muscles were certainly relaxed. It’s a perfect post-gym treat and trust me, I’ll be going a lot more what with all the chocolate in the house.
Fluffy Egg is a cute little thing and it’s one of the cheapest bombs I’ve bought. At £2.95 it was well worth the pennies. A perfect alternative to an Easter Egg but I guess you can have both…

…but not at the same time 😉


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