April ‘Showers’ Outfit Wish List

April 'Showers' Wish List


These are a few items on my ‘April’ wish list for the rainy season. Even though Spring is (kind of) here, we still need some emergency items to deal with both sun or storms. My favourite is the transparent rain mac – perfect to show off my outfit underneath. I’m also a massive fan of Monki and Next – these affordable items are perfect staples to your wardrobe. The rainbow umbrella adds a splash of colour without being too serious – I used to want one of these since I was a kid. I’d love to get my hands on those dungarees as well. Comfortable, practical and fashionable!

Long sleeve top Next.co.uk, £6.50/ Monki white top, £8 / Levi s blue jumpsuit, £100 / Dr. Martens blue boots, £70 / Topshop backpack / Rainbow umbrella Next.co.uk, £95/ Transparent Rain Mac by Kiki’s, £28


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